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La Bella Principessa

Leonardo Da Vinci

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LA BELLA PRINCIPESSA is a newly rediscovered female portrait attributed to LEONARDO DA VINCI. This site is dedicated to everything scientific published on this artwork and all the latest news. If you like this content and would like to contribute to the continuation of this fascinating research, please donate. Thank you.

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La Bella Principessa

Welcome to the website dedicated to La Bella Principessa.

She  is a female portrait attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. It was rediscovered in the late twentieth century and its authorship has been discussed ever since.

The girl portrayed in profile is a 13th year old Bianca Sforza, illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Milan. She died early, in her teens years, and not much more about her was passed on to us. It is a portrait on vellum, executed in the technique of trois crayons (three chalks). Once, it was part of an illuminated volume, which was found in Warsaw, Poland…

La Sforziada, the early, illuminated print from 1490, describes the history of the powerful Sforza family. The portrait was once excised and glued onto a wooden panel. Later, in the 19th century, Principessa was also uniquely framed.

Where it was until it reappeared and why we did not know about its existence for centuries, are questions which remain to be answered. Nonetheless, the latest research shed light upon them…


Latest news

Sotheby’s Auction at Hotel Lambert in Paris

Published: 14 September 2022

This maison was owned by Princes Czartoryski family. Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine was displayed there. And not only. https://www.sothebys.com/en/series/hotel-lambert-une-collection-princiere https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2022/hotel-lambert-une-collection-princiere-paris

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Hidden description of the respiratory system anatomy in ‘La Bella Principessa’ by Grigol KESHELAVA, SURGICAL PRACTICE (September 2022)

Published: 26 September 2022

The object of this research is the drawing ‘La Bella Principessa’. The research revealed that in this drawing the sitter belonged specifically to the Milanese court of the 1490s, with its fashion for elaborately bound hair.

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